Step-by-Step Guide for Article Writing

veryRegardless of how much or how little experience you might have in writing, it is still possible for you to become a successful article writer. As long as you are able to put pen to paper or type cohesive sentences using a keyboard, then it should be quite simple for you to create a good article that is worthy of being published. To help you hone your article writing skills as well as assist you in creating good article drafts, listed below are a few tips that you can use to help you become a successful article writer.

Choose a good topic

Choosing an interesting topic or concept is one of the basics of article writing. Though your personal interests might not necessarily capture the attention of a large audience, there is always a market for even the most obscure concepts.

It is often better to focus on a topic that you consider to be engaging and interesting. This way, you will be able to write more spontaneously and produce more creative output.

Nevertheless, you should try to reign in your creative juices at some point since a good writer should always have some form of structure or direction. Make sure that your topic is wide enough to provide a wealth of information without being too general or broad. For example, instead of writing about all of your favorite dog breeds, you could focus on one breed at a time and write a more comprehensive and specific article without burning yourself out.

Do your research

There is a wealth of knowledge available online. Likewise, books, magazines, and even newspapers can serve as good references for anyone engaged in article writing. Additionally, different sources do not only provide you with useful facts and statistics, but they can also provide you with interesting angles or points of view regarding a single topic.

timeline-engagementReferences can help you learn about a new interest or topic. Also, they can reintroduce an old topic and help you see it in a new light. They can provide you with quotes, examples, definitions, anecdotes, etc. that you can use to enrich your article.Once you have found a good direction for your article, you can easily utilize all of the available information and sources to create something that is uniquely yours and is written with your personal perspective.

Keep it tight

As previously mentioned, article writing is all about being informative but concise. A short and simple article is always more enticing than an endless series of paragraphs.

Always remember that a writer should write for his audience. This means that he should always put their needs first at all times and this includes giving them the information that they need without wasting their time. Eliminate any excess phrases or words and make your article as tight as you can without making it lightweight or sloppy.

Narrow down your topic to a few key points and build on those as you go along. This way, you will be able to stop yourself from rambling while simultaneously organizing your article into a more readable format.

Proofread and revise

Unfortunately, proofreading is a crucial step that many writers forget about when it comes to article writing. However if you truly want to succeed as an article writer, then you should always remember to go through everything that you write before you even consider sending it in to an editor.

writingThough there will always be something that your editor will prefer to omit or revise in your first draft, it is still essential that you practice proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar in everything that you write. Read each sentence again and again until you are satisfied. You can also read your work aloud to be sure. Once you are content with your article, you can then take the next step and submit it to an editor who can publish your work on an appropriate publication or platform.